Casa Divina Lodge

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  Casa Divina Eco Lodge’s mission is to provide superior
hospitality in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere
while promoting the conservation and sustainable
management of our natural resources and preserving the
cultural diversity of our region.



Casa Divina Eco Lodge’s vision is to collaborate with the local
community to promote socially and environmentally
conscious tourism to improve our economic impact while
honoring the biodiversity of the cloud forest.

Environmental Goals

These goals guide our conservation practices:

  • To establish, maintain, and innovate efficient resource management practices and processes
    that prevent environmental harm.
  • To employ a cohesive team aligned with the mission, vision, commitments, and values of our companies.
  • To share our sustainable practices and their benefits with our clients, collaborators, and the local community.
  • To make educational, economic, and practical contributions to the sustainable development of tourism in the region and the country.
  • To create alliances with companies, organizations, and people who share the same ideology, supporting entrepreneurship for a progressive, socially responsible, and environmentally
    conscious society.


* PLEASE read our Code of Conduct thoroughly so that your stay supports our Vision and Mission in the best way.