Casa Divina offers Mindo Lodging in the Cloud Forest

bannerWelcome to Casa Divina Lodge When you are looking for a Mindo hotel why not try something a little different and visit us. We are just 1.2 km (3/4 mi.) outside of town in the pristine Ecuadorian cloud forest. We offer accommodations in both the main lodge and in spacious, comfortable and family friendly wood cabins located in our corner of the biodiversity hotspot known as the Andean Choco Region. Nature loving travelers can schedule private nature tours and bird watching packages through the lodge and our website is a great resource to find out more about Mindo lodging, outdoor activities or schedule your stay.

Mindo Bird Watching and Ecuador Cloud Forest Tours

Mindo is located in the western lowlands of the Pichincha Province about 2 hours northwest of Quito in Ecuador, South America. It is home to an incredible array of species and is one of the premier bird watching locations in the world.Efrain, owner and experienced bird watching guide, offers a variety of Mindo bird watching tours from the lodge and in the surrounding cloud forest. The town of Mindo also offers many outdoor activities. for adventure-ready and nature-seeking travelers and we support community tourism by working with other family-run businesses in the area.

We encourage our guests to get out and experience the variety of activities. available in the region. For the adventure seekers there is zip lining through the trees, tubing down the Mindo River and rappelling down one of many local waterfalls. Delight your sweet tooth on a rainy afternoon at the local chocolate factory. For nature lovers there are many different options including cloud forest tours, a morning at the butterfly farm, a tour of the orchid garden and even an after dinner night hike. For avid bird watchers you can't miss the cock-of-the-rock lek, a visit to the Paz de Las Aves Reserve or humming bird observation.

Try Casa Divina Lodge instead of a traditional Mindo Hotel

At Casa Divina we are proud to offer comfortable and elegant accommodation in the middle of the Ecuadorian cloud forest. We provide delicious home-style meals and a cozy place to rest for those spending their day adventuring. As well as an experienced bird guide, Efrain is a talented carpenter and has demonstrated his love for wood in each of the hand-built cabins. He is also responsible for almost all of the wooden furniture in the lodge. Rather than an average Mindo hotel you can stay in a family-oriented lodge that was lovingly built by its owners.

As a family-run business we are focused on providing excellent service to our clients and remaining an active part of our community. We greatly value all of those that work with us and are proud to have a dedicated staff that is happy to be here. It makes our cloud forest lodge more warm and family-friendly than other Mindo hotels. Casa Divina is a place where life slows down. A place where you are invited to relax on the sofa with a good book, or in your hammock for a refreshing siesta. Come experience it for yourself.

Mindo Family Friendly Lodging in the Cloud Forest

At Casa Divina we welcome families that travel together, as well as guests with young children. The owners, Molly and Efrain, have two children of their own and know what a great opportunity and advantage it is for children to experience a broader sense of the world through travel. When you are looking for family friendly lodging in the cloud forest think of Casa Divina first. With a homey atmosphere, private cabins and a nature reserve on site we are the perfect place for dedicated birdwatchers, honeymooners or a traveling family.

Our meals are a healthy blend of traditional Ecuadorian and international fare. And don't forget the desserts. Each evening a unique sweet inspiration is served from the ovens of the Sweet Goddess Bakery. For those who can't get enough of our cooking (or just want to stay in for the day) we offer lunch, snacks, drinks and-of course-coffee and tea all day long. Unlimited filtered drinking water is also available in your room as well as in the main house.

Make Mindo Ecuador your home away from home

Mindo is a small town located in the Ecuadorian western lowlands (more commonly known as the cloud forest) where so many ideals come together: the climate is just right (the nickname for this valley is "the land of eternal spring"), the biodiversity will make even the most amateur nature seeker giddy with excitement. Malaria does not exist here (no pills, no side effects), and the community is conscientious and moving ahead in the eco-tourism movement. You will see informative signs posted throughout town about the effects of pollution and all households and businesses separate our waste into organic and non-organic bins. The young people from Mindo are proud of their town, their work and the opportunity to have an international experience in a small rural town. Join us in Mindo, Ecuador and find a new home away from home.

This spacious room has a full bathroom with bathtub, private balcony, and a rustic-style desk with chairs. Great views of the cloudforest flora and fauna. Read More
Family Cabin
This hand built, A-frame cabin has two story with internal stairs connecting two rooms with a total of 2 queen-sized beds, 1 double bed and 2 twin beds. There are oversized, luxurious bathrooms complete with bathtub on each floor as well as a private balcony and sitting area. Sleeps 5-8 guests. Read More
Honey Moon
Great for any special occasion, this room has all the details of our double/matrimonial room plus many romantic touches including in-room wine and chocolates as well as tropical floral arrangements. This upper level room has a great view of the cloudforest and its resident birds. Read More
Triple Room
With 1 queen-sized bed and 2 twin beds our triple room offers an elegant and comfortable space for our guests. Large windows face out to the surrounding tropical forest, stone-finished shower/bathtub and porch with hammock and rocking chair.
MAPA-CASA-DIVINA-2014Casa Divina Mapa

Community Tourism

While you often hear the term “eco-tourism” used to talk about pristine destinations like the Ecuador cloud forest we prefer to think of what we offer as community tourism.  We live on site and hire local staff that not only care about the area, but work hard to make sure it stays the amazing place they grew up in.  The local bird watching guides we use for our Mindo birding tours know the flora and fauna of the area incredibly well and, more importantly, share their love of nature every time you walk with them. Even the drivers we use to get you from our lodge to town, your cloud forest tour or other fun activity are local and know both the best way to your destination and can help you get the lay of the land around you.

In addition to working with local staff and guides, we support the local economy in other ways too.  We have a good relationship with the farmers, fishermen and ranchers in the area and buy from them as much as possible.  All of the dairy and meat we serve at the lodge is local and we use local produce whenever it is available.  Even the wonderful honey we serve is locally produced.  We work hard to ensure we are supporting our neighbors that grow the food Mindo needs to thrive and go straight to the producer whenever possible.

The Mindo cloud forest is fragile and since it is important to us that the lodge stays clean we are constantly on the lookout for cleaning products that are both effective and sensitive to the pristine area around us. All of the cleaning products we buy are locally produced in Quito and designed specifically to be biodegradable and eco-friendly.  We are not your average Mindo hotel and we hope you will come visit us to experience the difference.

Mindo is still developing on its way to being a global eco destination, but change is happening and it's exciting to be part of the process. We are committed to ensuring that the area develops with respect for the pristine cloud forest and the native flora and fauna while providing opportunities to the local community.  We invite you to come and kick up your heels at Casa Divina Lodge and participate in community tourism in the making.

Conservation efforts

We couldn’t do what we do without the Mindo cloud forest and maintaining the natural beauty of this place is one of our main priorities.  The 100 Ha (250 acres) protected reserve that the lodge stands on is part of the Socio-Bosque program, which works to conserve forest and deliver economic benefits to local communities at the same time.  This ensures that not only the lodge, but the whole area will continue to be pristine and be an excellent place for bird watching, swimming, hiking and relaxing.

In order to keep the delicate balance of the Mindo cloud forest intact we are very careful with the waste we produce and products we use.  We, along with the rest of the Mindo community, recycle and separate our waste into organic and inorganic bins. Casa Divina Lodge only uses biodegradable cleaning products and natural insect repellent to ensure we aren’t adding harmful chemicals to the water or forest.  We are also careful about what products we buy to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible.

We are also aware of our carbon footprint and are careful about our electricity usage.  We have energy efficient machines and LED lighting to minimize use and have a water turbine on site to generate power.  We make sure to provide you the amenities you find at other Mindo hotels in a responsible way to ensure you enjoy your stay in the most environmentally friendly way possible.